25 July 2008


A man got the idea in a dream that a snake had entered into his mouth, and that it was there in his stomach.  And he would feel the movement of the snake.  He became very disturbed.

He went to the doctors and was X-rayed, but, there was nothing.
He would say, "It is there, even if the X-ray is not showing it.  It doesn't matter.  I am suffering, my suffering is real."

Then he went to a Sufi master, the master said, "Right, I will do something.  Tomorrow moring it will come out."

The next morning, the master arranged it:  he found a snake, gave it to the man's wife and said, "Make arrangements so when your husband wakes up in the morning, he finds the snake crawling out of the bed."

And the man shrieked, and he screamed and jumped.  And he said, "Here!  Here it is!  That snake!  And those foolish doctors: they were saying that there is no snake, nothing.  And here it is!"

And since that day the problem disappeared. 

Our miseries, our hurts, our ambitions, our jealousies, our fears, our greeds, our hatreds, our attachments - they are all illusions.  Although they are illusions, we still believe our suffering is real!

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