18 July 2009

Answer To Viji

Dear Viji,

I am touched by your warm note and appreciate your kind gesture. Your comments have flattered my pride. I accept your invitation to participate in the following questions and answers.

You are right...I usually refrain writing because there is already an ocean of thoughts, poetry, essays, biography, autobiography, novels, journals, letters, and spiritual reflections shared by great writers, philosophers and thinkers. My inner emotions, thoughts, imaginations and perceptions are already vividly manifested and mirrored in these literatures and hence adding few intellectuals’ words would be absolutely insignificant contribution in this ocean.

My goal of tranquil wisdom and spiritual journey emerges from the silent world, the eternal spaces. This silence cannot be compromised, as there is nothing to question and nothing to reject to enjoy this wonderful moment of insight.

Nevertheless, I am happy to answers your questions as under:

1. How did you get this name? Do you like your name?
My grandmother named me and I am very happy with my name.

2. When was the last time you cried?
When my son left our home to pursue his studies in boarding school at Bangalore.

3. Do you like your handwriting?
No. Computers have degenerated my skill long back.

4. Favorite lunch?
I am vegetarian and love Indian cuisine. Idly, dosa and curd rice with pickles are my weakness.

5. If you were someone else, will you be friend with you?
It all depends…who am I as someone else!!!

6. Do like to take a dip in the river/ocean?
No. I am scared, as I can’t swim.

7. What do you observe when you first see a person?
Facial Expressions and body language.

8. What is that you like/dislike in your spouse?
I like her Great integrity as Wife, Mother and worthy human being.
I dislike her obsession for healthy food.

9. Whose absence you miss, most?
Buddha, J.Krishnamurti, OSHO and my Father

10. What are you wearing when you write this?
Bermudas and T shirt

11. What are you watching/ listening now?
Mohammad Rafi

12. If you were to change into a colorful pen (ink), which color would you choose?

14. Which fragrance you like?
Lavender and Eau de cologne

15. What are the qualities, you like in the bloggers you are going to invite?
Friendly, unnoticed, undiscovered human being proposes a meaningful approach to the life.

16. What is that you like in the blogger who has sent you this?
Most perfect spirit with self. Harmony, truth, order, beauty and excellence give me joy of divine friendship with wonderful friend like you.

17. Favourite sport?
I am not into any sports.

18. Do you wear spectacles?

19. What kind of movie you like?
Off Beat, Comedy and Action.....James Bond

20. Last Movie?
“Children Of Heaven” by Majid Majidi

21. Favourite Season?
Winter….I love Mountains with Snow

22. Which book are you reading?
“Life Without Centre” by Jeff Foster

23. How often you change the picture in your desktop?
Often. I am avid photographer by hobby.

24. The noise you like/ dislike?
I am allergic to any loud noise.

25. Farthest distance you have travelled from home?
Mumbai to Vancouver

26. What is unique about you?
My confidence and extolling approach towards LIFE

27. What is that you cannot accept?
Our wild ignorance and inconsistencies in response to the ecological crisis

28. The devil in you?
Always think that Saturday is too far

29. What is your favorite vacation spot?
My weekend house

30. What do want to be?
Without becoming mystics, I could become more closely acquainted with my inner life and able to awaken the Buddha within.

31. What is that you want to do, without the knowledge of your spouse?
Like to eat French Fries with lots of ketchup….

32. One liner on life?
To know what we are, we must first investigate and know what we are not. We are responsible only for what we can change. All we can change is our attitude towards LIFE.


  1. Fantastic Sir.

    I was really not sure, if you would take up something like this. Thank You So Much!

    //All we can change is our attitude towards LIFE.// How True!

    Btw, your answers are very down to earth, b'ful & deeply meaningful:-).

    Good Day.

  2. Thank viji,

    I am glad that you liked my participation and answers. Its a great fun for me too. Something different yet joyful.