09 August 2014


We are sailing in different boats and possibly we may possess superior boat; but we must remember that we share the same river called life and death.
We are addicted to being right that it consumes our lives. We will do anything to be right and avoid being wrong at the cost of our happiness.
We all run rackets. A racket of preserving unwanted past condition in place because it provides a payoff of self pity and sympathy from others.
Universe is constantly working, inspiring, moving, touching, uplifting all; none excluded but we choose to give up our life and not past suffering.
when you begin to look within frequently, you start experiencing growing awareness and a sense of ‘knowingness’
God cherish and value our prayer more profoundly in our days of abundance instead of distress.
Gratitude is the foundation for all abundance.
If we don't define the terms of our success then we are stuck with the socially programmed default settings of success, which is just money.
Most people don't understand life till they die and they don't understand death because they have never lived.
The best way to insure your happiness in life is by paying premium of calmness and tranquillity in all situations.
If you wish to contribute anything worthy to the world; offer your silence with smile.
Appearing and disappearing, Existence and non-existence.....That’s the way life constantly changes its forms of energy.
Whenever success and fame override our senses with greed, arrogance and delusion; it is a time to pause and reflect.
EGO means attachment to layers of our unexamined thoughts and illusions. We avoid self inquiry because it shatters our belief system & false image.

24 May 2014

Conversation with Buddha

Dear Buddha,
Today I felt the desire to engage in a conversation with you....

In a few days I will be completing 56 magnificent years…The years of vivid emotions joy, innocence, love, hate, happiness, ego, sadness, fear, trial, error, success, failure, temptation etc., that I can’t deny nor ignore it. I see before me the faces of countless people, who remind me of ordinary and extraordinary events in my life.

The passage of time and your teaching has gradually helped me to see all these experiences in a clearer light and softens its significance realizing the meaning of impermanence and illusion. This introspective gaze made it possible a more serene and objective evaluation of my life I have met along the way.

On this beautiful day, I simply wish to express my warm gratitude to my parents, entire family and all friends for being in my life with their unconditional love.

I want to express my profound thanks to almighty for everything. For giving me countless lessons and opportunities to kindle my awareness. For giving me a chance and strength to stand up whenever I fall down. For giving me health and happiness. For giving me a most caring wife and awesome children. For giving me most loving family and true friends who stood by me in my darkest hours.

Most importantly for giving me precious gift of Free Will; the choice to accept or not to accept responsibility for where I am right now and where I am going next; the complete freedom and choice to change, alter and grow within.

Though there maybe times….I may digress and will leave your side while walking this mystical journey further; but I know that I will always come back to your path.

As someone rightly said “Man is immersed in time. He is born, lives and dies within time. Birth establishes one date, the first of his life, and death another, the last: defining the beginning and end of his existence on earth.”

I’m looking forward for the remaining years to walk with you holding my hand and guide me through your most divine teaching….

Timelessly yours,

12 February 2014

Self Discovery

Relax without laziness
Focus without tension.
Perceive without projecting.
Witness without judging.
Enjoy without craving.
Reflect without imagining.
Love without condition.
Give without demanding.
Receive without possessing.
Serve without self-seeking
Challenge without dominating.
Meditate without identity.
Correct without blaming.
Overcome without pride.
Laugh without cynicism.
Cry without Pity.
Confront without hatred.
Guide without superiority.
Be without self-defining.
Live without arrogance.
Enter without self-importance.
Depart without without regret.
Be one with God.

~ Mooji