03 September 2015

Laugh out loud at life comedy...

Our bio computers have two operating systems. One constantly works with mind enhancing and demanding identity, ego, possession of power, money, consumption, mathematics, and linear logic. The second works with heart or consciousness manifesting love, awareness, joy, compassion, appreciation, gratitude, spirituality and deeper level of humanity.

I have observed that despite of all the knowledge, wealth, advancement and progress in the world; predominantly two issues remain unchanged in human life, one habitual linear thinking and second habitual reactive action.

We are so focus on our ego system that we do not realize how dramatically we disturb our inner eco system; that take cares about the well-being of all including us. We are completely divided, burn out and torn between mind and consciousness. It’s a most crucial shift that now demands all of us to alter our personal attention from the head to heart.

We are silently drifting away from our spiritual awareness resulting personal, social and universal crises and disruption of essential self. Why we are born on this planet may be a subject of speculation, but certainly it does not make our life insignificant. As human beings, we need to know that we really matter.

We all need to become more open and receptive towards peaceful and meaningful life by altering our habitual understanding. I have found following simple steps to improve our life.

Acceptance: The metaphor of the mirror conveys the basic elements of the Zen mind. The mirror teaches "acceptance" or "non-judgmental." When we stand before a mirror, it reflects us without evaluating who we are or how good or bad we are. A mirror simply reflects our image. First important step in life is to accept everything around us as it is like a mirror.

Let Go: When things changes in life due to various reasons, our ego always refuse to accept the new circumstances. Instead, we cling, confront and demand that things remain as they have been. In doing so, we stress ourselves and obstruct our vision and adapting to the new conditions. Simply let go the past.

Be a Witness: Why do we constantly evaluate and analyse everything? Instead, sit back and witness—see the sequence and progression. Let life unfold before us without any internal analysis, judgement and expectations. Just observe and experience what is happening! The Zen mind witnesses the perfection or imperfection but does not judge it. It is like living in the world of forms and beings without being obsessed by or attached to them.

 Be Flexible and adaptive: To be flexible does not mean to be passive, to be suppressed or weaker. Instead, be like a blade of grass —bend when necessary, then spring back. Adaptive means to be receptive, interacting with surrounding and responding to it without any rigidly or clinging to a particular ideas or a thought process.

Go with the Flow: Life is like water flowing downstream, yield and flow around the rocks in life. Be flexible and playful like river. Look for alternative and creative ways to change our attitude and thinking.

Accept Inconsistency and Imperfection: Nothing is consistent in the universe. We are already part of the uncertain universal game of birth/death, up/down, solid/space, day/night, and positive/negative etc. However, our habitual mind always try to judge the people or events in life with limited understanding emphasizing “right” and “wrong” or "good" and "bad".

Drop the mind: I realize that when we drop our mind and apply our heart, life automatically follow both the principles of science and the principles of magic. Mind only offers us conventional-line of thinking as the only acceptable way of successful life; whereas thinking with heart enhances our ability to make paradigm shifts, to see things in more ways than one without being self-entered.

 Be Positive, caring and loving: The happier we are the more stress proof our mind is! Don’t waste your thoughts on those who hurt you in the past. Let it go. Surround yourself with like-minded people. Lift your soul and mind a little bit higher each day. Take care of your family and friends deeply and show your true warmth and affection! Find positive side in everything you may come across with. Learn your lessons from adversity.

Be Helpful and supportive: We all go through tough times in our lives and we deal with them in different ways. Anticipate the opposite person’s needs and see how best we can do something to meet it. Be proactive in offering help; don’t wait to be asked.

Life is not all about Money and Success: If we do not define the terms of our success then we are stuck with the socially programmed default settings of success, which usually means lots of money. Money is not the path to happiness or fulfilment. It will not make our life feel more meaningful, or improve our relationships. Always remember that money only fulfil our basic need! There is no shame in a modest lifestyle, but there is also nothing noble about having lots of money. We, on the other hand, are extremely valuable. The more we actively share our unique value with the society, the greater our sense of self-worth will become.

Be foolish and laugh out: Entire world is seeking clarity, certainty, and objectivity through mischievous intellectual means and words. Yet people are not clear, certain or objective. Everything is uncertain and subjective. Everywhere there is chaos war, poverty, sexual abuse, and scarcity, and terrorism, economic and financial instability. I have found a new perspective and dimension to avoid anxiety, tension and stress by remaining foolish observer on uncertain and subjective life situations.

Let's not clutter your mind. Keep it empty and it will be ready to absorb new information when it really matters. Till then laugh out loud at life comedy called human civilization as we currently define it.

"If you see life as a tragedy and cannot see it as a comedy, then you are not living high enough. If you see life as a comedy and cannot see it as a tragedy, then you are not living deep enough.”

By: Aditya Ajmera

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