26 May 2013

Near-death experience is a mirror

Yesterday, I met with major car accident on Mumbai Pune express way and miraculously survived with insignificant injury.

Normally we do not like to think about death...Why reflect on death?

I realised that, our eternal self is more real than anything we perceive in this physical form. Ultimate essence and richness of the life don't lie outside. They lie deep within us at conscious level....Until we experience what is within, we can't perceive what is without. 
Based on this experience, I am now aware that the power, energy, composition, nature and magnitude of this "Cosmic Law or Cosmic Joke" is far beyond my limited mind can comprehend.

This near-death experience is a mirror in which I found simple meaning of life: 1.How we spend our time on earth 2. Love is the essence of life 3. live in the moment, enjoy every moment, and use each moment of life meaningfully to elevate the next moment...if available!!!

Live well, consciously and mindfully, and death will take care of itself.....

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