17 November 2012

Anecdote: A Collection of Moments

1- A student complained, “There is another student who is getting on my nerves. What should I do about it?” Master said, “Move your mind or Move your nerves.”
2- A student inquired, “Is meditation an art or a science?” Master answered, “It is approaching art with science and science with art.”
3-“What will be your legacy Master?” a student asked. Master replied, “All lived, All died, All are buried & All left without any possessions." "My legacy can not be different."
4- A student asked Master, “Is ignorance bliss?” Master answered, “Realize ignorance, you may find your own answer.”
5- “Today will be a historic day of my life” a student said in his speech. Master interrupted, “All days are historic...! Real art is in making it more memorable than historical.”
6- “What is greatness, Master?” asked a student. “Doing worthy acts and remain unconcerned if anyone notices” replied Master.
7- "Why is the Zen Way so difficult” asked a student. Master responded, “Contrary, the zen way is very easy, the followers are difficult.”
8- A student asked what is life?. Master said “See that mountain! Pick it up, hold it, play with it and put it back when you are tired.”
9- Several students were sitting around a fire when Master picked up some ashes and said to the students, “This is the ultimate truth of life.”
 10- Master, what is the key to understanding the Way of life? asked a student. Master told him “Look Within.”
 11- What is fear Master? asked a ...student. Master answered, “Fear is when after dark, all cats become tigers."
 12- A new student told Master “I have so many questions to ask you”. Master responded “And I have no answers to give you.”
 13- A student asked Master, “I saw a new cook in the kitchen. Is he permanent?” Master replied “No one is permanent, including me.”
 14- A student once told Master, “I have reached a subtle awareness of the truth.” Master shrugged his shoulders and said, “You will die peacefully.”
 15- A student asked Master, “How do I get rid of all my problems?” Master said, “I shall answer you when sun stop rising."
 16- “Master, what is the aim of Meditation?” a student asked. Master replied “To sit like a river, and walk like a mountain.”
 17- A student asked “What is wisdom?” Master said, "When a man falls do not abandon him, when he has power do not honor him."
18- “Master, would you prefer the flowers on the left side or the right side of the alter?” Master said, “I prefer to see them in garden.”
19- A student asked a zen master: "How will you be, when death arrives?" The master said: "When served tea, I take tea. When served a meal, I take a meal."

20- “What is the nature of the tree” asked a student. Master said, “Spring and Fall."

21- “Those new students are lazy!” said a senior student. Master said, “Yes! don't you think, they are almost as bad as the students who judge others.”

22- “I am feeling better today, I just wasn’t myself yesterday.” said a student. Master replied, “Oh, who are you today?”   

23- “What is failure Master?” asked a student. Master answered, “It is a cup of bitter tea. Not tasty, but sometimes necessary to drink.”                  

24- A student inquired, “How do I know if I am making proper efforts?” Master said, “if you are doing proper, question or doubt will never arise!”        

25- “Master, what is compassion?” Master responded, “Ask someone who is in need of  some.”                   

26- Master was told there some wild bears roaming the temple grounds. “Wild? Get them in the meditation hall immediately if they are savage than human being”   

27-  “Do you think you are still young” asked a student. Master answered, “Children who think are cute. Adults who think or wish are fools. Learn to accept reality!”    

28- “All the things are properly washed in temple” a student declared. Master asked, “Did you wash your mind too?”                 

29- “What is the greatest struggle we face” asked a student. Master responded, “Defeating self ego, self image and illussion.”

30- “When I will one with the universe” asked a student. Master responded, “When you stop thinking.”                 

31- “Is it important to be humble?” inquired a student. Master said, “Yes, if you love your self."

32- “What is the secret of enlightenment?” asked a student. Master responded, “Shut your eyes, shut your mind and shut your mouth.”                 

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