10 September 2012

Bengaluru Meditation Retreat

Universal Law
All things are impermanent
All things are imperfect
All things are incomplete
We can not change the past
We can not control the future
All meetings end parting
That which rises must fall
That which is collected will be disperse
Purpose of Life
§Spend time each day in nature
§Create beauty in your life
§Create simplicity, not austerity
§Learn to enjoy the silence
§Get in touch with your creativity
§Latch on to synchronicity
§Learn to receive with gratitude
§Figure out what you don’t want in you life
§Enjoy each moment



  1. Dear Aditya Ji,
    On behalf of Nemani family, I would like to express our appreciation and gratitude for your presence in our life. Even though I was able to attend only one day, I felt joy and peace in your presence. I know papa, Ajay and Archana feel the same way. We will try to emulate your teachings and wisdom in our daily life.

    I will read your blog and participate. Thank you once again for sharing yourself with us.

    With love and affection,
    Nemani Family.

  2. Dear Aditya Bhai,

    I convey my gratitude for myself and the family members (Chhaperia and Nemani). We have a new meaning in life for the meditation and a promise that we will live it to your expectation and teaching.

    We hope to have another session from you in future when the time is ripe.
    Best Regards,