12 December 2010

The Law of KARMA

The energy of thoughtfulness, kindness and graciousness are considered to be ‘good karma’. When you send these energies out, they will be returned to you in kind.
Hate, anger , act of vengeance, vindictive thoughts, self pity and resentment are damaging energies. When you send out these negative energies, they too will return to you in some form and prolongs your own suffering and generates more bad karma.
Karma provides situations that will best help us to learn from our mistakes. The best way to deal with bad karma is to accept our fate and let it work itself out. We should accept the hand that life deals us and go with the flow, because if we resist life and try to wriggle out of our karma we will only make matters worse in the long run. Karma is self-balancing divine justice; it is 100% fair and absolutely infallible.
 The Law of Karma is ‘as you give so you shall receive’, or ‘you reap what you sow’. Bad deeds and thoughts return to you, as do kind, thoughtful deeds. To the exact extent that you live these qualities, you will receive an equivalent back into your life, at some time. Karma is recorded and balanced. Loving thoughts, emotions, deeds and words are ‘credits’. Negative ones are ‘debits’. The Universe calls these up when we least expect it.
Your family is also your karma. Your soul chooses your family before you are born. Difficult family ties may be a consequence of unresolved feelings or situations in a past life. You choose that family this time around because your soul wanted another chance to resolve the problems. This offers you the lessons your soul needs to learn.
By loving and empowering others we heal karmic relationships.
Mindsets that you bring into this life with you are also your karma. If you have a mindset that you are not good enough, the belief will inevitably draw into your life things and people that make you feel inferior or weak.
Positive beliefs create good karma in your life. Wonderful things then happen. You are responsible for your own mindset, so change your beliefs if they do not serve you in a positive manner.
Your health is your karma. Before you incarnated you chose your family, your life challenges and your mission. You also chose your body and your genetic predisposition. Your moment by moment choices of thoughts and emotions will affect your vitality and health. This is your karma.
The balance sheet of your karma is known as your ‘Akashic Records’, which is a recorded history of all of your lives and life experiences and lessons. Karma is carried forward from lifetime to lifetime. We may not experience the consequences of our actions until a subsequent lifetime. Because of this there is often no obvious and visible correlation between an action and its consequence/s.
The higher our vibration, the more quickly karma returns to us. Some are subjected to ‘instant karma’. If you feel that you never get away with anything, you may be experiencing instant karma. This means that whatever you give out comes back to you, instantly. It is a sign that you are becoming more evolved because your karmic balance sheet is being kept up to date. Your soul is no longer allowing you to accumulate debt.
The key to the Law of Karma is ‘you reap what you sow.'
By: Joanne

 There are Four different types of karma that works around our life:
  • Sanchita Karma: the accumulated result of all our actions from all our past lifetimes. This is our total cosmic debt. Every moment of every day either we  are adding to it or we are reducing this cosmic debt.
  • Prarabdha Karma: the portion of our "sanchita" karma being worked on in the present life. If we work down we agreed upon debt in this lifetime, then more past debts surface to be worked on.
  • Agami Karma: the portion of actions in the present life that add to our "sanchita" karma. If we fail to work off our debt, then more debts are added to "sanchita" karma and are sent to future lives.
  • Kriyamana Karma: daily, instant karma created in this life that is worked off immediately. These are debts that are created and worked off - ie. we do wrong, we get caught.

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