15 February 2009


Deconstructivism is the answer while constructivism is the old age problem.

Deconstruct self-esteem (ego) and find self.

Deconstruct prejudice and find humanity.

Deconstruct opinion and find open-mindedness.

Deconstruct thinking and find experience.

Deconstruct labels and find sensations.

Deconstruct images and find reality.

Deconstruct pride and find humility.

Deconstruct idolatry and find Spirit.

Deconstruct constructivism and find the land of the nonverbal.

Deconstruct nationalism and find peace.

Deconstruct greed and find plenty.

Deconstruct verbal philosophy and find the dimension of being.

Deconstruct your images of family and find people.

Deconstruct sentimentality and find much ado about nothing.

Deconstruct the images of life the world promotes and find the
meaningless sham of materialism.

Deconstruct the images of living the youth and fun culture promote and find the meaninglessness of gratification.

Deconstruct pleasure and find emptiness.

Deconstruct and find less is more.

Deconstruct and find that thinking and imaging are rarely practical, factual, or logical.
By Kevin Everett FitzMaurice

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