19 September 2008

Law of Causation

Besides the Laws of Permanence and Cause and Effect, the Buddha also preached the Law of Causation. Through his meditation, Buddha observed that a thing does not exist independently by itself. Every existence is a combination. Without such as a composition, nothing actually exists. To beis to be under the formation of causes and conditions.

Let's try some observations as the Buddha did. Scientists now confirm that the human body is a combination of one hundred trillion cells which create the formation of blood, bones, and inner organs such as the brain, heart, lungs, kidneys, stomach, intestines... and of outer organs such as eyes, ears, nose, mouth, skin, etc. Lacking one or more of these components, a body does not function properly or simply cannot exist.

The Law of Causation shows that in humans, there is no such thing called the "ego" or "self". The concept of "I" or "You", with the underlying idea that "Mine" is always better than "Yours" is a delusion. Actually, if "my" condition is better than "yours", it is only because the karma of previous life is not the same, rather than because my body is better than yours.

In addition, even if the body is make from a perfect junction of cells and organs, it will not last long if there is no proper provision of fresh air, nutritious food, and potable water.

In other words, the Law of Causation also means that: "Things only exist when there are enough causes which come together under favorable conditions; and things will disintegrate when causes or conditions are scattered".

Obviously, to be a human, there are numerous causes and conditions that blend together and create an existence. From the day a mature egg met a healthy sperm and grew in a womb, there are countless unfavorable causes and conditions that may abolish the chance of being born a healthy human child.

Statistics shows that in the Third World, the percentage of young children who survive their harsh environment after seven years of age is also very low. Apparently, being born in the Third World is having less favorable causes and conditions than in the industrialized world.

The Buddha explained that the earnest observations on any events in daily life, one can recognize that nothing happens without numerous causes and conditions involved.

Normally, they appear in innumerable form that result in good or bad occurrences, depending on one's karma. When karma is formed and causes and conditions cast on, it is not in anyone's hand to control the event any more; not even Gods.

Scientists today express the same about the Law of Causation. If there is enough Oxygen and Hydrogen in proper proportions and if the condition, if favorable, it will product Water (2H + O = H2O). Otherwise, no water exists. This same law applies to all aspects of the human world, including family structures, politics, economics, and social activities.

by Thich Thanh Tu translated by Minh Tâm 

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