13 April 2008

I and only I

I, and only I can take me, everywhere I go.

I, and only I remember, everything I know.

You can walk with me,

but I don't need you to go.

I can go the road alone,

or we can share it for a time.

I do not belong to you,

and you in turn aren't mine!

People known along the way.

People come and go.

I'm my only truest friend,

the only one I truly know.

I can listen to your words.

Your thoughts might help me grow.

But, I and only I can take me everywhere I go.

I can make my own mistakes.

The ones I make are mine.

I'm the one who tells myself,

I'll make it through just fine!

I came into this world all by myself.

When I leave it will be the same.

The part that was the in between,

was just a learning game.

By:Judi Jefferies

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