01 March 2008


People live their lives everyday. The world evolves everyday. Due to this there are changes. Changes in the world and the situation in which we live, Our life changes too.

The changes in the world take place at a faster pace. People are slow to respond to these changes. This creates an internal conflict amongst individuals in the society. This internal violence is between what one thinks and what one feels. This violence is not only restricted to themselves. It finds its way out in their actions in society,

the way they speak,

the way they respond to stimuli,

the way they think of others and most importantly

the way they treat others.

As people adapt to these changes disparity increases. Therefore one needs to understand the principle of growing adaptation.

Adaptation are of three types.

1.Negative adaptation – Means, Let the world change, I will stick to my beliefs & ideals. I will not change.

2.Normal adaptation. – Means, The world is changing, I have no choice, what can I do about it.I change too.

3.GROWING ADAPTATION – Means, The world is changing, Can I adapt to it? if not , What positive can I see in the situation?

By Hemant Sheth.Mumbai


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