09 February 2008

The Purpose of Life

The Purpose of Life

Jeremy Frampton

Why look for reason

there is no cause

Why try to find a purpose

there may be none at all

Take whatever there is

and make the most

And if there is nothing

make your own

And while you are loving to live

a reason will become

and a purpose will appear

making all the more reason to go on


  1. hi mama,
    wow!!!You've got an interesting blog :) wonderful collection really... i sooo want to sit and read all of it.... not sure if i'll understand everything... guess dats y it interests me :D

    well so far i have just managed to read "the purpose of life" and "105 laws of the universe"... the poem is so beautiful- hits the bull's eye straight! in just about a couple of lines it captures the meaning sooo simply... personally i have come along beleiving in the same.
    rest later! will keep visiting it often to read the remaining posts! do keep me updated :)

    P:S- Have you clicked that picture of that white bird? I like it!

  2. Dearest Sneha,

    I am touched by your email. I have wonderful collection of various articles and hence thought of sharing thru my blog.

    "The purpose of Life" is my favorite poem too. It is indeed very simple and touched my heart many years ago.

    Yes, the white bird picture was clicked by me at lake Konstanz, switzerland. From the posture of bird I found the meaning of cosmic rhythm, equilibrum and mindfulness. I love this picture too.

    I will surly keep you updated.

    Lots of Luv

  3. The poem says it all.Act to your true calling and therein lies the meaning and purpose of life.Live life of your destiny as if there is no tomorrow.No regrets: No comebacks.Just live it.Joy is where reason ends. Brahmn is where reason comes to a stop.Nothing is left after camphor is burnt out:not even trace of ash.(sri Ramakrishna)